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Who are we?

With over 20 years of experience in the field of brand and marketing, we've journeyed from the world of international cosmetic brands into financial services, with a focus on the insurance industry. 

We work across several platforms and offerings, with our network of suppliers, to provide brand and marketing services.  We have a strong affinity for small to medium businesses. 

We focus on growth, development and the well-being of our clients, our suppliers and the communities we serve. We share our learnings and use our talents to put the needs of others first. 

Mulberry Marketing Clodagh Da Paixao Founder Maboneng Johannesburg South Africa Graffiti StreetArt Female Purple Pink

I'm a Jozi Gemini and the founder of Mulberry Marketing. 


I love world travel, iPhone photography and a good Cappuccino.  I destress through activities such as reading, running and gym sessions. 

I've journeyed from the world of marketing and branding top international cosmetic brands into the financial services industry... bringing my passion for marketing and people on the incredible ride! 

My vision is to inspire others to #LiveWithPassion and build a culture of active citizens, so there’s always a community project or volunteer work on my agenda! 

Clodagh Da Paixao

I am an independent creative consultant with a passion for events, communication and social media marketing. I have 12 years of experience assisting businesses with creative needs, ranging from the medical industry to finance and even NPOs.  

My personal value system includes being fearless, kind and "to sparkle".

This means I see what scares me as a challenge, I always believe there is good in others, and I aim to be my enthusiastic, and optimistic self, every single day, displaying grace under pressure. 

Did I mention I love new adventures? Travelling the world, new and exciting experiences with my family at home or having fun with friends makes me happy!

Liebie Du Plessis

Liebie Du Plessis Mulberry Marketing Consultant Jewel City Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa Fountain Cityscape Walk Female
Heather Caulfield Mulberry Marketing

My personality and approach to life are in many ways a mirror of the colourful and hardy Heather flower; a universal symbol of independence, confidence, passion, generosity, and healing; qualities that are important in both my life and career.


I am a confident, enthusiastic, and determined consultant passionate about all things marketing; driven by the need to ensure that the customer has a positive and productive experience.

My personal mantra, “you’ve got this”, motivates and inspires me to be my best self.


Yoga, boxing, and gym are essential in helping me stay focused, disciplined, and organised as they channel my energy in a positive way. My love of the outdoors, travel, and animals allows me to appreciate that life is about experiences, memories, empathy, the understanding that we need to share the world with all living creatures and to be kind to one another.


Oh, and I do love a good party with great music, food, family, and friends. 

Heather Caulfield

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